“Leaders are who we are, not the result of what we do.” KG Butler

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10 Leading tooLs

10 Leading Tools is an Amazon.com Best Selling book to help people discover more effective tools to manage life and leadership.   It strips away all of the pressure and expectations associated with traditional leadership and breaks it down to a few practical tools that anyone can use. 10 Leading Tools has become a must-read for young professionals and leaders looking for a modern approach to leadership.

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10 Leading Tools: Rules, Tools & Habits for Leading Yourself and Leading Others
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LeadersToolbelt.com is a personal project that became a passion to help growing leaders learn the essential management, leadership, and personal skills needed to thrive. Thrive as a person, thrive as a leader, thrive in their career.

Founded by KG Butler, LeadersToolbelt.com is one of the world’s newest digital, on-demand learning platforms, servicing thousands of active leaders, readers, and students looking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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We Can’t think of a better combination.

Join Paul and KG as they discuss all things leadership. Each episode of Leadership Decanted asks fascinating questions about leadership and keeps the conversation flowing over a nice bottle of wine.

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A Tex’stralian leader, technologist, husband, father, friend, and sports fan.

Hi, I’m KG. Thanks for hangin’ with me.

I believe that by understanding how we lead with the small things, we can unlock our ability to lead ourselves and lead others more effectively through anything. If we can take away the mystique that often surrounds the concept of leadership, we can empower people to do great things in their careers, family, and community. My goal is to encourage leadership at all levels of an organization, and at all ages, to grow into modern leaders of tomorrow.